Compression Therapeutic Knee High Socks

Compression Therapeutic Knee High Socks

Passed Salzmann Test for graduated compression, with strongest compression at the ankles and gradually less towards the calves. Graduated compression could improve blood circulation to reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), venous reflux & pooling during travel and swelling in legs & feet after long periods of standing or sitting. Made with INVISTA COOLMAX® fabric that wicks moisture away from skin to help you stay dry and energized. Antimicrobial treatment to minimize odour and bacteria. WEARING TIPS Compression wears are easier to put on when you first get up out of bed, before any swelling occurs. Make sure your skin is completely dry before wear. Applying a small amount of body powder on your legs will help the compression to slide on your skin more smoothly and making for an easier and better fit.

inch/cm Circumference Length
Size Ankle Calf to below knee
Medium           8.5"-9.5"                 22-24          12.5"-15"        32.5-38-.5   14"-15.5"     35.0-39.0   
Large 10"-11" 26-28 15"-17.5" 38.5-44.5 14"-15.5" 35.0-39.0

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